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There are many foods that you can follow that are considered healthy, but you still have serious health issues. This is because the real cause of health problems depends on what you think and what you do with your life. Your life is ruled by an unconscious mind which produces your dreams. It is the higher mind that organizes your mental and physical activity. However, this will not require you to do anything. Otherwise, you will be a slave and not an independent person.

Your intelligence needs to be improved. You just have to be more discriminating in helping others. You get answers in dreams, but at the same time your intelligence increases. The solutions offered to you are based promind complex review on your understanding. The subconscious does not give you a well-prepared solution, but it helps you find it on your own. It just gives you a lot of points, as all good teachers should. Good teachers help their students learn to get all the answers on their own.

The unconscious mind sends you physical illnesses when you have negative thoughts, in order to prevent you from doing what will cause suffering in the future. You can prevent all diseases if you follow the subtle guidelines of dreams; like a good student. You can enjoy good health if you are already sick. Everything follows your opinion. If you are an obedient student who follows the teachings you receive, you will be healed.

If you want to continue to know good or bad in your mind and body, you have to learn the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. Jung's interpretation of dreams is the only correct one. It works like psychotherapy and psychological development. It works like any other treatment because it gives you a comprehensive treatment that takes into account all aspects of your life.

I simplified Jung's complex technique, then I translate the words into words. You will easily learn the language of dreams and reap the rewards of this knowledge throughout your life.

For example, if you hate your enemies, you will have stomach or stomach problems. These are areas of your body that indicate anger and hate issues. In order to stop having these health issues, you must stop hating your enemies. It is not an easy task if you cannot forgive the mistakes of others.

In order to avoid stomach trouble or stomach trouble, you need to learn to arbitrarily forgive your enemies through dream interpretation. However, not all health problems can be explained this way. There are more complex cases. You have to learn the meaning of the dream series in order to know how to prevent all health problems. This is how you will get the beauty you desire.

Your dreams are like the chapters in a storybook.

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  The subconscious constantly gives you a lot of information in every dream, until you have a general picture of your mental problems. Your physical and mental health depends on solving mental problems. This is because he lives to be a wise man, instead of being a carefree creature who makes many mistakes in life.